Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Break From My Regular Blog Posting Schedule: A Word From Well . . . Me.

Lovelies, you will never guess what happened today. I had a journalism internship interview and guess what? I got the position. Now I would have loved for my first journalism job (outside of college that is) to be an actual job that pays, but hey you have to sacrifice to get to where you want to be in the future. I'm pretty freaking thrilled right now; so thrilled that I've been busting out into spontaneous dance parties since I got home from my interview at four o'clock (glances at the clock, it's six forty-seven now) and I'm still going.

I feel like all my hard work is starting to pay off in some way. I think that a lot of people post college are starting to lose hope in ever getting a job that is in the field that they studied. I know I did and I haven't even been out of college six months yet; I can only imagine how others dealing with this struggle feel.

So in the time that I haven't been working/interning, I've done some insane things, I cut my midback length hair to my chin, I've started a children's book series, I've begun blogging again, and I've begun to just get to know myself better. Trying to understand what I really want to do with myself and who I am . . outside of school. -Because believe it or not you are two entirely different people in school and outside of school; when school's no more you get to know the real you. I found that I'm quite a cranky person without something to occupy my mind so I've been doing the absolute most when it comes to writing. I've thrown myself into it completely and even though I'm not employed I realized that I'm a happier person when I'm dealing with my passion.

Now that I've been rambling for two paragraphs, I just wanted to say . . . to all those recent college graduates and even those that may have graduated in the past two years struggling to find employment in the field in which you studied . . you'll find it! I promise you will . .  it just may take a lot more time than you want it to. Just stay positive (lame, I know). Throw yourself into what you love, work hard on applying to positions (I applied all willy nilly) and eventually what you love will give back to you; when you least expect it of course.

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