Friday, October 29, 2010

Book Review Friday!

Agh, so when I'm at work and I'm done with all my assignments for the day I always turn to whatever book I'm reading that week to keep my mind occupied and whoa nelly did Torment by Lauren Kate keep my occupied.

From the beginning of Torment, we are thrown back into Luce's world and we get a first hand look on what it's like for her to be separated from Daniel after thinking that they would be able to be together. After the drama at Sword & Cross, Luce needs to be hidden or there won't be a Luce and Daniel anymore. Luce's life, this time around, is different; there aren't any second chances and as much as Daniel would like to keep Luce with him it would be the worst thing that he could do. The Outcasts are searching for Luce and Luce is doing her best to keep herself occupied at her new hiding place at Shoreline. Shoreline is the exact opposite of Sword & Cross, it's alive and well the students are bit more civil and less convict. At Shoreline Luce begins to learn more about her past lives with Daniel and a bit more about the inky shadows that lurk about the forest surrounding Shoreline.  In all the commotion of being uprooted from Daniel, Luce decides to do things her own way and leaves the Shoreline campus searching for information about her past, but in knowledge Luce brings danger upon herself and her friends at the Shoreline campus. By the end of the novel, your fingers are crossed for Daniel and Luce, are they really meant to be together or is this whole business of fallen angels too much for their relationship to survive again?

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and cannot wait until the third book of the series is released; I love a good cliff hanger and Torment definitely left me hanging. As I said before, if you love YA Dark Romance novels, this is definitely a book you need to check out if you haven't already.

Interested in reading Torment? Already read the first book of the series, Fallen? Check it out here: Torment (Fallen)

Happy reading! Oh, and Happy Halloween.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Book Review Friday!

So some how, with all the chaos going in my life, I've still managed to find time to read. Amazing, I know. Anywho, the last book I took on and completed within a week was Fallen by Lauren Kate. This book was released last year and I had heard many WONDERFUL things about it, but at that time I always had other books that I wanted to read and Fallen got put on the backburner . .  until now that is and WHOA BUDDY, was this book an freaking fantastic read!

Fallen by Lauren Kate is an enthralling story of a young girl named Luncinda Price who gets sent to a school by the name of Sword & Cross. Sword & Cross resembles more of a prison than a school for young people striving to learn, then again maybe that's why they sent Lucinda there. The reason Lucinda was sent to this school was because of a mysterious accident she seemingly had no control over, nor did she have a explanation as to how it happened and why someone died. With new hair and new issues added to her life Lucinda is sent to Sword & Cross by her parents. Here at the oh so lovely (sarcasm) Sword & Cross, Lucinda encounters a series of people. Miss Sophia, Penn, Arriane, Gabe, Roland, Molly, Cam, and lastly Daniel. There's something different about all these people she encounters and Luce can't quite put her finger on it. What's the allure to Cam and Daniel? Why does she feel like she's met Daniel before? This story twists and turns taking the reader for a ride right along side Lucinda as she discovers not everything meets the eye about her friends and teachers at Sword & Cross.

This book is apart of a series and I've just begun the second book; it's amazing so far and I can't wait to see what drama awaits Luce in Torment. I'll be sure to review it as soon as I'm done.

Let me know if you decide to give it a read, I'm sure if you enjoy the supernatural . . . you'll enjoy this YA book.

Interested in reading? Get it here: Fallen 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Music - Video Premiere of "Yeah 3x" by Chris Brown

Okay, so it's the weekend for me and probably a couple dozen other people (I don't intern on Fridays) and I was excited to find out that one of my favorite songs would finally have a video to go along with it. I was at work and certain websites are blocked on it, so I wasn't able to see it until I got home.

The video for "Yeah 3x" (Yeah three-times, for those unsure of how to read the title) is a high energy, vibrantly colored, dance packed visual expression of a good time to good dance music. Although Chris Brown hasn't been putting music out on the radio for the past year and some change, he's put out  his mixtape (with Tyga, called Fan of a Fan) earlier this year online and let's not forget that earlier last year he put out his last album Graffiti (an amazing album that didn't get too much attention because of his past mistakes). But now Brown is back and hitting the radios hard with not only his song "Deuces"  (which came out over the summer and is a song off his mixtape, Fan of a Fan) and the "Deuces (remix)" he's now got another song out that gears towards the pop-genre with "Yeah 3x".

Without further ado, because I tend to ramble, I present to you . . "Yeah 3x":

Pretty freaking sick, right? Love it? Want it on your iPod: Yeah 3x (Explicit Version) or if you like to keep things clean: Yeah 3x (Clean Version)

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Music Monday - "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith - Video Premiere

So I said I would come back and post this video once it premiered and well it did. Today Willow Smith's video for "Whip My Hair" premiered and boy did it premiere. The video was nothing short of amazing, but what would you expect? The girl is obviously talented out of the wazoo and I love the fact that she isn't afraid to be herself. I think I appreciate her more as an upcoming artist for being real more than anything.

Anywho, without anymore of my rambling here is the "Whip My Hair" video:

How amazing is she? All I have to say those already making music (won't name names) is watch out. I feel like there are a few that should be worried; one in particular. Anywho, love it? hate it? Let me know.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Breathe Easy Saturday

Wowzers, this past week opened my eyes so much further in regards to the world of journalism and writing in general (I started my internship). I've noticed that some of the bosses people deal with are severely unorganized . . . woosah. I have a few friends dealing with this issue, I feel for them . . . really I do. Also the writing the assignments aren't always as rewarding as you would like to think, because they may come off boring (this tends to happen when you write about something you have absolutely NO interest in). However, I am grateful for the experience of being able to write and garner more experience in the field that I love.

Anywho, hope your Saturday is going well and that your week was wonderful. Between writing at work, writing at home, editing at work, editing at hom, and reading every where else in between I've been one busy girl.

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy today. As always here's a song to add to your day . . .

Interested in adding this song to your playlist?: Check it out Trouble by Never Shout Never!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Breathe Easy Saturday

Good morning lovies, this week update's have been far and few mostly because I'm trying to get myself together for my internship that starts this coming week on Saturday, so forgive me. But anywho, I am definitely writing this edition of Breathe Easy Saturday from the confines of my bed, why? Because that's the cool thing to do and also because my blankets still feel heavenly. Anyway, I was thinking about how I was having great difficulty after I got my internship because they needed some information that they said I hadn't sent them the day after my interview and things got a little hectic and stressful. I am grateful however for that particular part of this experience because it definitely showed me patience, well more patience. I was disgruntled that everything that happened was happening, but when I spoke to my mother she told me something I hadn't really thought about, which was: "don't stress it, because stressing over it doesn't change anything." She was completely right and the moment I stopped wracking my brain over whether or not my internship was set in stone they called me the next day.

So there are trials in success; can't get everything easily I suppose.

I hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start and that this fall weather is treating you wonderfully. Have an amazing weekend and be safe.

Ah, and what would this Breathe Easy Saturday be without a little tunage? Right, abnormal.

Interested in this song? Like fist pumping on the weekends? (rotfl) You'll have to wait until it's available for purchase . . this is that new NEW music (Yeah 3x by Chris Brown).

hearts are fragile . . .