Saturday, October 16, 2010

Breathe Easy Saturday

Wowzers, this past week opened my eyes so much further in regards to the world of journalism and writing in general (I started my internship). I've noticed that some of the bosses people deal with are severely unorganized . . . woosah. I have a few friends dealing with this issue, I feel for them . . . really I do. Also the writing the assignments aren't always as rewarding as you would like to think, because they may come off boring (this tends to happen when you write about something you have absolutely NO interest in). However, I am grateful for the experience of being able to write and garner more experience in the field that I love.

Anywho, hope your Saturday is going well and that your week was wonderful. Between writing at work, writing at home, editing at work, editing at hom, and reading every where else in between I've been one busy girl.

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy today. As always here's a song to add to your day . . .

Interested in adding this song to your playlist?: Check it out Trouble by Never Shout Never!

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