Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Music - "For The First Time" by The Script

Today calls for me to speak about The Script's wonderful new video. I know that since I've been missing this video may not be considered as new, but because they are my absolute most favorite band in the world-- I MUST tell you all about their new single "For The First Time."

On their new sophomore album Science & Faith, The Script come back with what I call a banger. "For The First Time" is a head nodding, soul identifying song that captures the listener's ear. In the tough times that we are going through now, the song's lyrics are perfectly aligned with people's lives across the nation (they've always been absolutely marvelous when it comes to penning soulful and deep lyrics). The video that accompanies the song is a bit of the short film, showing the struggles that many people go through with trying to survive life; with finding a job and managing relationships.

If you don't believe me well take a look for yourselves:

(regular video)

Short Film Version:

Hope you enjoy this bit of music.
Interested in getting the album? Well check it out here:
Science & Faith (US Bonus Track Version)
Happy listening taters.

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