Friday, July 23, 2010

Book Review Friday!

Pardon my absence, I've been having some crazy technical difficulties in my house involving the lovely computer products (cough *apple* cough) that I use on a daily basis, but now I'm back and onto this week's recommendation.

So this Friday I bring to you a book that I had been wanting to read since I saw it on the new sellers list on the Barnes and Noble website a couple months ago, now I'm anticipating its sequel. If you haven't noticed I have a thing for werewolves, vampires, fairies, fallen angels, ghosts, and anything supernatural that these wonderful authors now days include in the world of young adult romance. This book in particular is about a fallen angel.

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick is an amazing story about a fallen angel named Patch and a girl named Nora. Nora isn't really the average high school girl; she is focused on her studies and is pretty much anti-boy (at least in my opinion and a few others). Nora ecounters Patch as her Biology partner while studying sexual reproduction in human beings and is immediately drawn to and repelled by him. Patch isn't your average high school senior, he's confident, mysterious, and hints a bit to the side of danger. Nora isn't sure what it is about Patch that attracts her to him, but as the book progresses she finds it harder and harder to be away from him. In developing a relationship with Patch, Nora finds out things that she never knew existed in the seemingly 'normal' world of Coldwater, Maine that she thought she knew. Because of Patch, Nora also finds out things about herself that she never knew and even why her father was murdered? Who knew talking to Patch would be the best and worst thing Nora ever did? She didn't.

Sound interesting? Patch sound like the ideal bad boy? Nora sound like a different type of heroine? Give it a read, you won't regret it. I know I didn't, I'm thoroughly excited to see what the next book, Crescendo (set to debut September 30, 2010 at B&N, and on debut October 19, 2010 for Amazon) holds for Patch and Nora. Things can only go up from here . . . er, well in Patch's case anyway.

Read this book already? Enjoy it. Let me know what your favorite part about it was? Intend on reading? And want to purchase it? Go here: Hush, Hush . Come back and let me know what you thought.

As always don't forget to follow Becca Fitzpatrick on Twitter @BecFitzpatrick .

Enjoy your Friday!

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