Sunday, July 11, 2010

Inspirational Sundays

Isn't it funny how your day or week can be going wonderfully and then something crazy happens or someone says something offensive to you and it ruins everything? I've been dealing with this lately myself; one thing shouldn't have to do with another but I know that I can't seem to separate that thing from the other.

I've heard of situations like this getting out of hand and not only does it ruin a day, but it seems to go further out of hand and ruin a life. People have stopped living happily due to the negative words said from others or from an event in their lives; one thing shouldn't have to do with another. It sounds like a mantra, something that should be written down and framed somewhere, to remind us that even though this (whatever it is) happened it doesn't have to ruin everything. It seems so over dramatized when you sit down and evaluate your view or reactions to situations, but when you really take a moment before reacting it makes a world of difference.

So if you'll adopt this mantra, I will too and I'll do myself one better . . . I'll try to take a moment to think before I react; I'm sure it'll make my day better and yours too.

"One thing shouldn't have to do with another."
Have a great and restful Sunday.

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