Friday, October 22, 2010

Book Review Friday!

So some how, with all the chaos going in my life, I've still managed to find time to read. Amazing, I know. Anywho, the last book I took on and completed within a week was Fallen by Lauren Kate. This book was released last year and I had heard many WONDERFUL things about it, but at that time I always had other books that I wanted to read and Fallen got put on the backburner . .  until now that is and WHOA BUDDY, was this book an freaking fantastic read!

Fallen by Lauren Kate is an enthralling story of a young girl named Luncinda Price who gets sent to a school by the name of Sword & Cross. Sword & Cross resembles more of a prison than a school for young people striving to learn, then again maybe that's why they sent Lucinda there. The reason Lucinda was sent to this school was because of a mysterious accident she seemingly had no control over, nor did she have a explanation as to how it happened and why someone died. With new hair and new issues added to her life Lucinda is sent to Sword & Cross by her parents. Here at the oh so lovely (sarcasm) Sword & Cross, Lucinda encounters a series of people. Miss Sophia, Penn, Arriane, Gabe, Roland, Molly, Cam, and lastly Daniel. There's something different about all these people she encounters and Luce can't quite put her finger on it. What's the allure to Cam and Daniel? Why does she feel like she's met Daniel before? This story twists and turns taking the reader for a ride right along side Lucinda as she discovers not everything meets the eye about her friends and teachers at Sword & Cross.

This book is apart of a series and I've just begun the second book; it's amazing so far and I can't wait to see what drama awaits Luce in Torment. I'll be sure to review it as soon as I'm done.

Let me know if you decide to give it a read, I'm sure if you enjoy the supernatural . . . you'll enjoy this YA book.

Interested in reading? Get it here: Fallen 

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