Monday, June 21, 2010

New Music Monday

I have always been interested in different types of music, many of you may have already noticed this and will continue to notice, that I'm pretty all over the place with my music taste. So I thought why not share my eclecticity.

So for this beautiful New Music Monday I want to bring you an album that has been released for a while now, since April 13, 2010 - it's called You I Wind Land and Sea and the wonderful artist responsible for the CD jam-packed with musical goodness is Justin Nozuka. You I Wind Land and Sea is the follow up album to Nozuka's debut album Holly; in which he wrote and recorded while in high school. Now two years later, You I Wind Land and Sea encompasses all the things that originally made him and his music lovable, but including some more mature sounds and even some things that take you by surprise (pleasantly, of course).

Throughout this album, Justin's heartfelt lyrics and entrancing melodies are what captivate the ear; it makes one wonder what he'll say next or what topic he'll cover that you can relate to. As an artist he has grown musically and lyrically; at his current progression by the time he reaches thirty he'll be a staple in acoustic rock/pop.

Now that the regalement of Justin is through let's get on to some wonderful music samples from this album. Who knows I may even throw a song from Holly in the mix as well.

From You I Wind Land and Sea :

"My Heart is Yours" is a song with foot tapping melody and soulful lyrics about love; a wise choice for first single (in my opinion). Take a listen:

A favorite song of mine off this album would have to be "Unwoken Dream (King With Everything)"; the song begins with just Justin's wonderfully soulful and raspy voice and his acoustic guitar. Nothing else marring (back up singers, voice alternations, etc.) the wonderfulness of this song. Check it out.

And the last taste off You I Wind Land and Sea will be "Love." Enjoy.

And for a treat, here's the song that made all the Nozuka lover's fall in love with his sound, voice, and lyrics. "After Tonight" on his debut album Holly.

Now, as if you'd need anymore convincing after all that amazing tuneage, if you're interested in more of Justin's music you can purchase Holly or You I Wind Land and Sea on iTunes. If you like what you heard, you definitely won't regret the purchase.

Happy Monday!

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