Friday, June 25, 2010

Remembering Michael Jackson

Can you believe that a year ago today, the king of pop passed away? I remember the day I heard the news like it was yesterday. I had just come home from the hair salon and my friend called me telling me Michael Jackson died and of course my automatic response was: "Stop lying." I refused to believe it. So instead of trying to further convince me herself she told me to turn on the television, so I did. It was all over the news saying that he had passed away and lovies, guess what my response to that was? You guessed right: "Stop lying."

It seemed impossible for a man of that magnitude of talent to have died so young. Then again, when you think about it, it's common knowledge that Michael had been creating wonderful music for us for YEARS and although the music was happy, he never seemed too happy himself. Sad to say, but he's in peace now and happier than he probably ever was on earth. Anywho, let's celebrate today this wonderful man that seemingly left us too soon.

Haven't purchased Michael's 'This Is It' DVD? Get it: Michael Jackson: This Is It . Interested in John Mayer's cover of 'Human Nature' from the above video? Well unfortunately it isn't purchasable, but there is another acoustic version of the song that's just as wonderful by Marty Schwartz and Jason Eskridge. Add it to your playlist: Human Nature .

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